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Feeding sliders to much and too many treats

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:45 am
by Guest
Okay I have an adult who is around 7 1/2 inches and he is always hungry. I feed him everyday and sometimes even twice in a day, not only have I just recently read that they should only eat like every other day but also I have read that feeding them alot an shorten their life span. Should I start to feed him every other day even though he is use to eating a few crickets and some pellets every day? And is it true that feeding to often can shorten their lives?

Also I was just given 2 approx. 1 1/2 inch babies and one doenst eat very much at all nor does it swim around that often.The other little guy always comes out to say hi and eats crickets, shrimp pellets, romane lettuce and the turtle pellets all up, he hasnt ate a guppy yet but theres 2 in the tank that he keeps trying for. The other has only picked at some lettuce and shrimp pellets a few times and has no intrests in the guppies, crickets or pellets and I buy the good ones.I got my adult when he was around 4 inches and I am not use to these little guys but they were in need of a home and how could I resist they are so cute. Anyway I want to know how often they should get food other than the pellets and if theres any ideas as to why the one is acting so differant than the other?

Re: Feeding sliders to much and too many treats

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 3:24 pm
by femmfaerie
I dont know htat i agree with the statement that over feed can shorten the life span. Cali and Faeria are always hungry. They can eat 12 fish a day if i let them. Their vet says they are very robust, but he also says they are very healthy.

I do not give them treats every day, more like once a weeek, but i do feed them floating sticks every day. But my turtles are very large - and are about 6 years old. Cali will be laying eggs soon!

Re: Feeding sliders to much and too many treats

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 8:37 pm
by mariza