Hello All, I\'m a new Member :)

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Hello all.
I\'m Jess King. 21 yr old Female from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I have a sweet almost 4yr old Common Snapping Turtle names Axle. He weighs about 12 pounds & lives in a 160 gallon pond beside my bed.

& no he doesn\'t bite humans or dogs.

Here is Axles personal Gallery
http://jess.iahu.ca/modules.php?set_alb ... php&page=1

I have had axle since he was a hatchling. Rob & I found him floating (looked dead) towards a waterfall filled with hungry Carp. I picked him up & placed him in my snail bait pail (we were fishing) ontop of a rock to keep him out of the water, just incase he was alive.

30 mins later I returned to the pail for more snails & his tiny eyes were looking right at me. I missed my last snapper (who passed away during the \'98 ice storm)so I took him home. Well to my surprize, a year later I realized he was bigger then my last snapper (who was 4 yrs old) & it turns out that my snapper is a GIANT Common Snapping Turtle.
But he\'s super friendly & super strong. He pushed 100 pounds of weights that he got stuck under (the bar part) across the rock tiled floor.

I love Axle. He\'s now my oldest pet & is very special to me, even tho I can\'t cuddle up to him like I could to my dog, Max, who was murdered on dec 13 2003. Dec 24th would have been his 10th b-day.
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Sweet, Welcome.
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