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One of my turtles is growing so Fast! I think he\'s getting bigger by the day! Am I feeding him too much? I feed him about 1/2 teas. Zoo Med\'s hatchling aquatic turtle food and Wardley\'s reptile sticks (about the size of rabbit food) I feed him about 6 of them and he swallows them whole! - or tries to. He actually looks like he\'s going to choke on them but he gets them down. For those of you who don\'t know my other RES has been sick but since I got the new UVB light he seems to be doing better. He\'s not gasping. (only occasionally) and he\'s growing some. He\'s still basking almost all the time but I figure he was sick for nearly 3 months I imagine it\'ll take awhile to recoperate. Thanks for all advice!
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