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I was wondering if anyone out there has used the mercury vapour type of bulb that produces heat and uv rays in one. It would mean only one bulb, but it was 89.99 (canada) in the pet store near us. Here is a link to where the product can be found.


this would be great as it would take away the need for 2 separate lights in a turtle setup. I guess it really isn\'t too much considering large flourescent tubes can be over 40.00.
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If you buy one, keep in mind that they should be screwed into porcelain sockets, and you need to use them with a dome/shade (you need to find a deep one if you don\'t have one already). The UVB output is much stronger than that of a conventional UVB light, and they give off quite a bit of heat, so you should pay strict attention to the guidelines for distances from your turtle (I wouldn\'t use them in small tanks).
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