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Hi, my boyfriends brother and his mom, dad, and two children are going on vacation to disney world for a week.I am already raising an eastern painted turtle and have been doing so since it has been a hatchling and doing a successful job i might addAlright back to the point my boyfriends brother asked if we would watch his turtle while they were away. We said yes knowing that the turtle needed all the help we could give it.We told him due to the inclement weather we would take him early(a month early). We only said this so we could have enough time to nurse the little fellow back to health because he already had began developing soft shell, a couple scratches, and was being raised in a \"deathbowl\". He looked a poor sight Well after 3 weeks my boyfriend and i have managed to correct his shell problem,and the scratch marks are going away. He looks the picture of health he has even grown a little.
You see we feel bad for the little guy and he will be going home in a week beings he is my boyfriends 3 year old neices\' turtle and she loves him sooo much. The problem is not the child it is the parents they dont want to put out the money, space or time for \"peanuts\" needs. Then my boyfriend and i even offered to pay for the turtle supplies and they turned our offer down saying they do not want any more space to be taken up by the turtle(which forgive me but ticks me off). They are cheap, inconsiderate, people. We feel so bad because they are using the kid against us so we have to give the turtle back. The turtle is the size of a quarter and is 8 months old. They were feeding it bottled shrimp for all that time.We tell them its needs and that it isnt well it is going to die and the reply we got was \"so we can just get another one\":0 what should we do? Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated Thanx
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