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I\'ve been considering advertising to help people set up proper tanks (saltwater fish, fresh water fish, and reptiles)...
I\'m just curious if there would be a business base for this. I work in a pet store and there is so many ppl who don\'t even know what bubblers are....and I\'m constantly telling ppl cool ideas or just basic things they need in a tank that no one ever told them before.
what do you all think?
Further down the road, I want to make custom tanks....I just want to have this as a beginning.

I think it would be a good side job but not something full-time since it would be a one-time use service. You don\'t get repeat customers. Maybe you can set-up the tanks and go back to re-adjust the setup or do professional cleaning once a month to keep it going. I might add that the tips you provide are tips I would expect from a reputable pet store. So, I\'m not sure I would pay someone to give me those tips when I get them for free at the store. Just my honest opinion. Hope it works out for you if you decide to do it.
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I say go for it!!if its something that you enjoy and would really wanna do then go do it. My boyfriend told me this before \"Always shoot for the moon because even if you miss you\'ll land among the stars\". Good luck:>
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