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White stuff on glass

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 9:03 pm
by kb48542
I have had my RES in a 10-gallon starter tank since August... I change the water about once every two weeks. I don\'t fill the tank up completely with water, and where there isn\'t any water there is some white stuff on the glass. It sort of reminds me of soap scum in the shower (though, of course, I haven\'t been using any soap in this tank!:)). I\'m not sure if I have hard water or not. Anyone have any ideas on what this is and, how to clean it off? I don\'t think it\'s bothering the turtle but it\'s sort of bothering me. :-P Thanks! Kelly

Re: White stuff on glass

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 8:28 am
by shelngav
It is from hard water. It is mineral buildup and I get it too in my tank. I use white vinegar and a nylon scrub pad or a fingernail brush to clean it off. You need to put the vinegar on full strength, wipe it on then let it sit a bit to dissolve the minerals. This is a safe way to clean your tank as well. Be sure to rinse good before refilling.

Re: White stuff on glass

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 6:46 pm
by kb48542
Thanks! I\'ll be sure to try that! :)