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health info on res

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:32 pm
by bonnie_lynn2001
Disease Prevention

Clean warm water, well-balanced vitamin enriched food, and a basking area. Do not over crowd your tank.


Eye infection: Swollen eyes, possible discharge.

Causes: Bacterial infection. Poor water quality, incorrect temperature.

Treatment: Investigate and correct environmental problem. May requite topical antibiotics ointment.

Mouth infection: Sores, furry matter in the mouth, refusal to feed.

Causes: Bacterial infection. Poor water quality, incorrect temperature. Can be contagious.

Treatment: povidone-iodine solution several times per day. Quarantine of infected animal.

Respiratory infection: Lethargy, wheezing, excessive mucus.

Causes: Bacterial infection of the respiratory tract. Poor water quality, incorrect temperature.

Treatment: Veterinary attention required, most likely anti biotic injections.

Shell infections: Soft areas of shell, possible odor.

Causes: Usually a trauma related wound that becomes infected by bacteria.

Treatment: Regular cleaning with povidone iodine solution, topical antibiotics

Calcium deficiency: Soft distorted shell, trouble feeding

Causes: lack of calcium

Treatment: Take a good look at the diet, adjust for more calcium. Addition of UV-B lighting. Severe cases may need calcium injections

Ear abscess: Swelling on the side of the head

Causes: poor water quality

Treatment: Veterinary attention, possible surgery

What else could go wrong?

Shedding of shell Scutes: No worries, perfectly normal

Prolapses: Yuck. If your turtle starts showing off his intestine via his anus do not

freak out. It will usually go back in, if it does visit your local vet, he/she should be able to fix it with some stitches.

Aggression: turtles, especially male turtles can become aggressive towards each other, if you notice any aggression it will be best to separate the two.

Re: health info on res

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 9:16 pm
by bonnie_lynn2001
hope this helps