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Hello all.
Yesterday my wife found a turtle in our backyard during the routine clean up and ended up messing up its nest/resting place! It seems to be alive but I am not 100% sure. I read a bit about them so I am guessing that it is hibernating.

Can anyone please tell me how do I know if it is hibernating or dead? Also, how would I rebuild its nest? Dead leaves, dirt, or what???

Also, the temperatures at night could go below 32F soon here. Is it safe for this little guy or should I plan to bring it indoors?

About the turtle: From the descriptions, I have a strong guess that it is a red-ear slider and about 5 inches in diameter. We live in San Jose, CA area right next to a creek and I can guess that this guy must be an \"unwanted\" pet of one of the neighbors.

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First do you intend to keep it as a pet? I am not sure of how they appear if hibernating, but most likely it is. If it is brought inside it will warm up. However, it would need a full set-up if you did. I dont know if Red Ear sliders hibernate out of the water though. I would think they stay in. If it is a slider, it should have a orange, or red colored stripe on each side of it\'s head. They are not inexpensive pets if you take care of them properly. Let us know if it is a RES and if you intend to keep it as a pet and we can help you further.
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