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PLEASE HELP. I need your help to conserve our rapidly disappearing turtles.

Turtles and tortoises products frequently are for sale on EBay and Yahoo Auctions.

EBay has a policy prohibiting the sale of endangered species. EBay has a reporting system whereby you can complain about a prohibited sale anonymously. Learn how to use this reporting system and keep it in your \"Favorites\" sites for easy reference and use.

I have communicated with US Fish and Wildlife and also World Wildlife Fund. Both organizations are aware of the problem on EBay and on Yahoo Auctions.

What we need is large numbers of people willing to help police these auction sites. EBay is HUGE. Our turtles get lost in the millions of auctions each day. Please stop the carnage of our turtles.

Please help prevent the sale of endangered turtle specimens and turtle products on EBay.

Go to www.ebay.com, use their search function and type \"turtle shell\", \"sea turtle\", \"pond turtle\", \"box turtle\" and any other phrase you can think of. A list of items will come up and you can scroll through them to find the items that need to be booted from the auctions.

Tonight, in addition to three Hawksbill sea turtle shell items being sold from China, there were many other turtle shell whole specimens. I did not know what species these specimens were.

If you know your turtles, you will be able to tell immediately from the photographs whether it on the endangered list.

Unscrupulous sellers describe their items as \"common snapping turtle\" or \"red ear turtle\" to avoid being booted off for selling an endangered species item. You must look at the item to tell whether the seller is lying.

In addition to the Hawksbill turtle items, I found tiger claws, leopard and jaguar coats, over 100 rhinoceros horn items, an African elephant foot made into a footstool, a cheetah floor rug and a grizzly bear rug. Just in one night!

Please help. Save our turtles. All of them are endangered and threatened now. Human consumption....for food, collecting, jewelry, etc. Humans are their greatest threat. Greater than environmental degradation.

Thank you. May our turtles be with us for another 200 million years.

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Yes i have saw that fecies on ebay that is so sad i just looked at that and i just cried it broke my heart just to see those empty shells and they should be banned from the site and ebay should be took off the internet for selling such injustice things and ebay should be ashammed of thier selves for selling such thing and when animal lovers see that i think things will be changing for ebay i hope im making some sence here butsome one ought to press charges on that site and have it taken off i am just so mad to see such innocent creatures killed for thier shells and to the people that buy them to wear them ought to be ashammed of them selves and think what those poor turtles had to go thru just for some stupid person to sell them on the internet well they will get whats coming to them soon i hope.
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I have just read what you said about ebay and it really upset me too. I decided to do a search and have reported about 10 people to ebay! I know it\'s not much but it\'s a start. I bought my turtles last October 03 and i love them. They have so much character. I have 4 and have named them after the teenage mutant ninja turtles!
Anyway, i\'m going to keep looking and reporting the nasty people selling turtle shells on Ebay.
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