lots of blood in turtle\'s tank

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I have a red ear slider which was with us for over 20 years. 2 months ago, I noticed that the water in my turtle\'s tank was full of blood. I washed the tank and everything was OK for 2 weeks and suddenly, the water was red again. I have two turtles in the same tank so I thought that maybe they were fighting so I separated them into separate tanks. Everything was OK for 3 weeks, and suddenly, this morning, the water was red again and full of clots of blood. I do not see any visible cuts on the turtle or cracks on its shell. I am really worried and am trying to make an appointment for the vet. Has anyone ever seen this happen before or have any suggestions? Thanks.
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There are no visible signs of an injury and the turtles do not fight? It sounds like the blood may be coming from inside (what does the poop look like?). Getting your turtle to a vet ASAP would be the best thing to do for him. Please don\'t delay. Keep us posted.
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