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Sick Turtle

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 11:07 pm
by SueB
I think my turtle is sick but I can\'t identify what exactly the problem is, for lack of a better discription, I think he has the hiccups. His neck is bellowing out like a bull frogs mounth is not open, he is still active but doesn\'t appear to be eating, and he appears to be resting againist objects a bit more then he normally does
there are none of the signs of a respitary infection.. He is a hatchling and i have had him and another turtle for about a month.. they have a basking area but they never seem to be up there that i can tell
I\'m having trouble regulating the temp of the room they are in because my landlord keeps on cutting the steam heat...
any suggestion?

Re: Sick Turtle

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2003 7:54 pm
by shelngav
I am not familiar with the symptom you speak of, but first and foremost you need an aquarium thermometer. Not the sticker kind, but a suction cup type with the glass tube is good. They are cheap and will give you an acurate temp for the water. I do hope you have a heater on the tank as well to keep it the same temp. The temp needs to stay steady and from 78-84 for babies. Keep them away from drafts. They may be basking when you arent around, mine did that for a while. You need to watch for constant basking, mucus from the nose or mouth and a yawning or opening of the mouth often when on land. That is the turtle trying to breathe. Also you may want to watch for a change in their swimming. If one begins to lean drastically to one side when swimming, it\'s lung may have fluid. Good Luck, I just went through this with mine.