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Post any questions you have about a turtle indoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your indoor setup picture we would love to see it.

I\'ve had my baby RES for about a week. and I bought it at a pet store and the lady sold me a container that is plastic and about 3 inches deep and you put about an inch or two of water in it and it has a ramp the turtle can get one. but I keep reading that it needs a big tank etc. So do I need to buy it one or is it okay in what it is in? ALSO I never see it eating. I keep it in my bedroom and it is always dark in there and all it does is sleep.
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You should definatly get it into a aquarium. when there adults they probably will need up to 75 gallons for the males. Depending on the size of ur baby res you could go with 10gallons per inch of the turtle. YOu should get a filter, if u dont get one u should clean they tank often like every 3 days. you should get a basking lamp and a uvb bulb and you need a place where it can get out of the water or it can drown b/c babies can get tired. that should do for now but u definatly need a heat source and mabey a heater to keep the tank at 78-80 degrees b/c if its too cold they wont eat and they usually dont eat until they get used to there homes. you could look at my pictures to get a exampls of my tank i have 2 babie res ear sliders.
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You need to get your turtle out of that deathbowl. Take a look at

You need to get a proper set-up for your turtle or it will die. At minimum, you need:

1. A tank: 10 inches of tank per inch of shell. If your turtle is 1 inch, he needs a 10-gallon tank, 1.5 inches, a 20-gallon one. If you can`t afford a tank, use a Rubbermaid storage container or equivalent.

2. An easily accessible basking area so he can get out and dry off.

3. A heat source for the basking area. It can be a regular lightbulb or a basking bulb if you want to spend the money. Basking area should be 85-90 degrees F.

4. A UVB light. Crucial for the health of his shell. Brands include Reptisun, Repti Glo, ESU (coil lamp). If you buy a different one, make sure the package specifically says the bulb gives off UVB rays. \"Full spectrum\" is not enough.

Lights should be on for an average of 12 hours a day. Having them on timers is a good idea.

5. A submersible water heater to keep the water temp. constant at 78-80 degrees F. Too cold and your turtle will become inactive, not want to eat, and be susceptible to respiratory infections.

6. A water filter unless you plan to do frequent water changes (daily or at the most every other day).

7. A reputable brand of turtle food (Reptomin, ZooMeds, Nutrifin, etc. to provide a balanced diet. Variety is good, however, and other foods like boiled white chicken meat, shrimp, krill can be given occasionally.

Thermometers are good to have to check temps. A hide box and/or plastic plants are good to provide a sense of security and cover.

Turtles are diurnal, i.e., active in the day, and yours is most likely sleeping because you are keeping it in the dark and the water is too cool (what temp. is it).
Make changes listed above as soon as possible. You also need to read some care sheets on RES so you understand your turtle`s needs. There are many on the Internet, all you have to do is look.
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i know i\'ve sed it before and i\'ll say it again who on earth would ever sell one of these it is so cruel it makes me wanna cry
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