When to feed live food to baby RES ?

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I am turtle newbie, and am getting very excited about my first baby RES. \"Pizza\" is doing fine, and seem to be enjoying his surroundings. Eating pretty good, I change his diet everyday,...ranging from lettuce, dried shrimp to reptomin sticks. He likes them all.

I am now wondering, when can I start (what size should it be, to be considered adult) feeding it live feeder fishes ? Is there a specific kind of feeder fish it will eat.

Any other food suggestion ? My turtle seems to enjoy lettuce more than shrimp. Considering baby RES are more carnivorous in nature..this strikes me a little odd.

I will have much more questions to ask later on, but I have to say I love this webpage. It has a wealth of information and is very nicely setup. Kudos to the creators of the site..

chk this post & its replies for info on feeder fishes...


as for food pref.. it certainly is odd... but hey each turt is his own special individual... so enjoy your lil one!

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