What Kind of Turtle

Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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Hello my name is TobyTurtle. Could some one write back to this family that found so that hopefully they will leave me alone. :)

I live on their creek which is really nice with a nice pond and lots of vegetation around to hide and plenty of food.

Today was a nice beautiful San Diego day and they were nice enough to bring me turkey and lettuce. Hehe, which one do you think I ate right away?

Here are my pictures.


Can someone write back and tell them in plain english who am I and maybe how old I am. Maybe you can tell by my size. What do you expect? They do not speak turtle.

I do want to say sorry for hissing. The owner of the creek tried to pick me up and I was not happy. He looked under my belly and told his wife I was a male. Duh! my name is TobyTurtle.

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you could be a yellow belly a map turtle or a river cooter probly a map turtle
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