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I need quick advice. I have an Eastern Box Turtle, female, who is 43 years old. I have had her since she was 6 years old. She is now refusing to eat, seems to only want to sleep, and hasn\'t had a bowel movement in a while. It was suggested that she might be egg-bound and to keep putting her into warm water. However, there isn\'t a local veterinarian who has experience with Eastern Box turtles so I am completely on my own. She has never been ill before and this has me extremely concerned. I have managed to give her some water-soluable vitamins by syringe but she isn\'t very receptive to this method. She opens her mouth slightly as if taking in a breath. I am not sure if she\'s egg-bound, or constipated, or ill, or just nearing the end of her life. If anyone has had similar experience, please email me, with \"Box Turtle\" in the subject line so I don\'t accidentally delete your email. Thanks for any help you may offer.
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