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Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2003 9:23 pm
by m1key72988
What kind of vitamens are good for red ear sliders? I just dont want to put something in the tank that could harm my res s/he just a baby but has grow alot in the 2 months i have had him/her. If u can help me do u have any idea on where to get the vitamens? The only good pet store near my house if petsmart.

Re: vitamens?

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2003 11:57 pm
by mariza
If your turtle is eating a pellet like Reptomin, Zoo-Meds, Nutrafin as a staple part of the diet and getting a variety of other good food, he probably doesn`t need the vitamins, at least in the summer. A calcium supplement for his shell like Rep-Cal (not Reptocal) would be good. Also putting some cuttlebone (the stuff for birds, take off the hard backing, break it into pieces and let some float in the tank) is also good as a calcium supplement. Does he have a UVB light? If he doesn`t, he needs one for Vit.D3 so he can absorb the calcium in his diet. You should be able to get any of these things at PetsMart. Good luck.