baby red ear slider sick please help

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he\'s tiny, about 1.5-in long, and I don\'t know what to do.

The symptoms, as far as I can see (and I\'m becoming obsessive about looking for them):

-not eating at all for the last 4 days (he used to eat dry shrimp (only) very happily!)
-floats instead of swims (although that seems to be voluntary?)
-very lethargic and unreactive
-sits at shallow end with head sticking out all the time
-some sneezing (or at least that\'s what it looks like to me... I\'ve never seen a turtle sneeze before!)

There are no swellings or anything apparent, water is 79 degrees on average...I think his shell is ok.

Should I go see the vet? What sorts of fees/costs should I expect to face if I do this? (for an x-ray, for example?)

I would really appreciate any help or ideas as to what to do, thanks!
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Yes, it\'s time for a vet. Depending on their treatments the fee varies. That also varies from vet to vet so they are really no way to tell you what to expect there. It sounds like your little guy has pneumiona. This is common with turtles. Get him to the vet before anymore time elapses. The infection will only become worse and then your vet bill will sky rocket.
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