Pre-shell rot?

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My RESs shell is okay overall. Where his...umm, idk the word...where the little hexagonal shapes on his shell come together, there is a whiteness. It outlines him kind of. Does this sound like it is the early stages of some type of shell rot, or something else? Any info would be appreciated.
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found this, keep in mind this may not be your problem

dry scud

The most common causes of this condition are water quality and injuries, albeit minor at times, from habitat decorations (scratched while climbing, swimming or diving into the water, substrate, heater burns, etc). It appears most times as white patches on shell.

Treatment is similar to that of the wet form of SCUD, while serious infections will require the addition of systemic medications. Better results have been gained from keeping the turtle in the alternate treatment (described above) with the water treated with Acriflavine as well. Frye (1991) shows that pathogens that can cause SCUD can be carried by shrimp.

here is the lik to the site in wich i found this
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