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Volunteers needed for Sea Turtle (Olive Ridley) Protection Program, Andhra Pradesh, India

Volunteer Opportunity

Contact: Pradeep Nath, Founder and President, Visaka SPCA (VSPCA)

Email: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

WWW Link: http://www.ahimsatx.org/india/visakha/visakha.htm , and, http://www.ahimsatx.org/india/visakha/seaturtles.htm

Period: October to January (awareness campaign), Jan to May (monitoring of nesting female turtles and the collection of data), Peak nesting season is Feb-March.

Location: Visakhapatnam, and eventually the entire coast of Andhra Pradesh State (India). The locations along the Andhra Pradesh coast differ each year, but the base of activities will be in Visakhapatnam.

Background Information: We are trying to protect the nesting females, their eggs and hatchlings from poachers and predators. We are also trying to get local fishermen to adopt the use of TEDs (Turtle Excluder Devices) in their nets, so as to reduce the bycatch/death of turtles in these nets.

Volunteers can aid with monitoring the beaches at night and help with the awareness campaigns by day. The aim is to promote the protection of these sea turtles both as they nest on the sands of our beaches and as they swim in the waters off of our coast. We are also trying to conserve their habitat.

Please refer to our website and email us for indepth information.

Duties: Working with the local volunteers in order to protect the nesting sites from poaching and predation, monitoring the nests and collecting data, and aiding with the awareness programs to promote the conservation of these turtles & promote TED use.

Requirements: No previous experience required. Must be physically fit and willing to put in some long hours by day or night. Must have a command of basic English. And should be willing to work in a team setting.

Please inform us in your email how long you plan to volunteer; longer-term (2 weeks or more) volunteers are preferred. If you could supply us with a resume/your qualifications, that will be appreciated.

Benefits/Costs: This is a volunteer job and hence there will be no pay. The accommodations are provided on site at the VSPCA shelter, but accommodations are limited for now, so apply as soon as possible.

We charge US$ 2 to 3 for a night at the shelter’s guest house, but have been known to waive part of that fee if the volunteer is willing to put in the time and work, with us.

Food will not be supplied, but there are places where prepared food can be bought, or you can also buy provisions from a nearby store and cook it yourself at the shelter’s kitchen. In India the costs for food rarely exceed US$1 a day, so your overall budget for the trip will be very low.

We pick up and drop off our volunteers from the local airport/ railway station/ bus-stop.

Additional Contact Information: Our address:
26.15.200, Main Road
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530001

Country Code: 091
Area Code: 891
Phone: 2564759
FAX: 2528662

If you are serious about volunteering, please drop us a line and ask any questions that you may have. Once a volunteer makes a confirmation with us, we expect them to follow through. Our shelter is also involved with many other conservation and animal rights issues, so please check out the website and let us know if you are interested in volunteering with any of our other programs too, while you are onsite with us in Visakhapatnam.

(Posted by Kavita Ramesh, India)
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