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I have 2 RES toddlers :) a male and a female(who I have discovered are mates). Unfortunately, some recent developments in my own life have forced me to make things as simple as possible for myself. I have decided that freeing my buddies would be the best thing.

I live on a lake with plenty of marsh lands and areas where there are other turtles. So, the place is set...but I am unsure of when (as in what time of year) is a good time to release them (I am from the Lower Michigan area).

Also, because they are they mate for life? If I had to separate them...would they go through some kind of separation issues?

Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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how long have you had them??

if you have had them for more than 1-2 months they have been scarred. I would set up an outdoor pond and let them "rehalbilitate" before you release them back in the wild.

Try not to make thuings to easy for them just before they will be realsed.

kinda like a beddyford center...

I think that if you cannot have them any more I would give them to a pet store to sell to a responsable owner.Feral turtles very rearly make it in the wild.Feral means going from captivity to the wild.Turtles DO NOT mate for life!!!!!!
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