sick lbaby res- please help!

Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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A month ago i got two baby res(they r my first turtles)- at first they were doing great,
but one has stopped eating and just sits in shallow water barely moving. The other one is normal and happy- I have a 10 gallen tank with a filter,2 uvb lamps(one for day and one for night and the water temp is fine, so is his shell.I went to a local pet store and they suggested I put some anti-biotic in the water-
(human kind) and the turtle would have a 50/50 chance.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx
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Okay, I wouldn\'t put human antibiotics in..go to another pet store and get different advice...
I have had to put fish antibiotics in my tank before and it helped out alot...
but you really have to determine what the problem is..
What is the temperature of your tank??
Is it generally around 80 degrees celcius??
Does it look like she is having trouble breathing??
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