Big pond, one turtle, is it safe, is it possible?

Post any questions you have about a turtle outdoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your outdoor setup picture we would love to see it.
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Okay, here\'s the deal:

I live in Belgium, our temperature is mild to warm during spring & summer and mild to cold (below 0° at certain times) during fall & winter.
It\'s kinda like say NY but less extreme (we don\'t get heat waves and we rarely get snow).

So, I have quite the big pond, about 100 square meters and with a serious debt (let\'s just say you can\'t stand in the middle).

The pond is filled with guppy fish, frogs but also bigger fish and some bugs.
Lots of plants too.
No real predators though, except for some bigger birds, but they are rare.

Now then, could I leave my RES in the pond? Should I get him out when temperature drops?
Won\'t he be like 30 inch or something?
Is there a good supply of food present?

Thanks in advance
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That is a excelent set up for your turtles. But make sure that he is good swimmer, or you might went to try and block off some of the pond starting from the middle part so that your turtle doesnt drown. James also has plenty of food in there, though you might want to feed James from time to time, just in case. And take James in when the temperature drops, or he will start to hibernate! Good Luck!
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