2 Red Eared Sliders - RESCUED. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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My girlfriend and I rescued 2 turtles from horrid conditions. They are both red eared sliders and both were purchased approx 2 years ago from a pet store. They were both little hatchlings when purchased.

Here is where the story gets weird...

1 Turtle is approx 7-8 inches long. A very nice size turtle. Is this possible for a turtle to grow that big, that fast?

The other turtle hasn\'t grown at all (according to its former owners) .. In Fact, I have hatchlings that are approx 9 months old and they are twice the size of this turtle. (my hatchlings are yellow bellied sliders).

Also, the little one has zig zag scutes on his back and has 8 scutes -- where as all the other turtles have 5 (my hatchlings and the \"big gal\") ...

The little one is the one I\'m worried about. Why is he so little and whats up with his extra zig zagged scutes.

He seems healthy.. he\'s active, swims around, likes to bask...

PLEASE, if ANYONE can help e-mail me at [email protected].


[email protected].


Gabe Howard
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I\'m not an expert, but if its active, does everything a turtle should do, and showns no other signs of sickness I think it isn\'t really a big thing to worry about.

Well, its done everything a turtle should do....except grow.. I don\'t really think a 2+ year old RES should still be under 1 1/2 inches.. Thats kinda the concern.

But, you are right.. He does seem healthy and happy... Just small. Like a turtle dwarf.
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