map breeding conditions

Here you can direct all your questions about turtle breeding and what to do about those eggs you found that your turtle laid.
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Im a relatively newbie as far as turtle care goes, but i like to pride myself on the fact that i can look at an animal, see what it needs, and supply it. I did this for 4 months with an aquatic salamander that i could barely even scratch out 100 results from google. (lesser siren to be exact) In any case, I really like my map turtle and i think, if its not to hare (or impossible) that i would like to breed him/her to another map and get baby maps. :)
In any case, tell me what the breeding conditions are, il wait the few years or however long it takes them to get ready, and one day, il have baby maps. Also, if you could tell me wether res and regular sliders can mate together would be really helpful!!
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