Concerned about female slider

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I have two sliders of some variety (no red ears or dramatic shell patterns, mostly yellow stripes with orange/red stripes on the shoulders), one male about 6 years old, one female about 4 or so. I (literally) got them in a divorce, as they were my ex-wife\'s, but she thought I was better with them than she was.

It appears that the female is ailing - she hasn\'t eaten the last two feedings (she\'s usually voracious), and is now lethargic, mostly sitting on the bottom of the tank. When she was last basking, it appeared that her right shoulder was \"puffier\" than her left, and it seemed to show more visual evidence of her breathing as well.

I don\'t see any other visual evidence of problems - no puffy eyes, etc. I\'ve been with these animals for about 3.5 years, and I\'ve never seen her behave like this. The male has a tendency to get finicky when he\'s molting, and I can usually keep him eating by using moist cat food. I\'ve just tried that with the female, and she ran away from it where she\'d normally fight for it.

Thanks for any pointers you can give.
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