We found this turtle on the road...

Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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And we don\'t know what it is. It can close up it\'s shell completely, so you can\'t see it\'s feet or head. It has a solid brown head and maroonish brown eyes. I found a picture on the web that looks just like it. It has the number 3 in orange all over it\'s shell... or maybe it\'s a capital \"E\".

Here is the link to the picture I found. It says it is an American Box Turtle, but every box turtle site I go to says they have multicolored head/body.

Help! Here is the website with a picture of our turtle. Once you\'ve identified it.. Is this a suitable pet for an 8 year old. What do I feed it? Can I keep it in a cardboard box until next Friday when I get paid (then buy an aquariam? terrariam?) Does this type of turtle like to swim? *ANY* info would be helpful.

He/She was stranded in the road and I picked him up. I was just going to toss him in the grass, but then he closed up into his shell and I had never seen a turtle fold it\'s shell shut before. He creeps around pretty quickly and his nose isn\'t running.

Here is the url to the closest picture I could find:

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YOur turtle probally is a American box turtle, because since it looks like it, and jsut doesnt have a few markings on its head doesnt mean it isnt a American box turtle. I mean, all turtles have different markings lol. This probaly would be a good pet for your 8 year old, though I advise you to make sure your child washes her hands right after she touches it, she might catch selmmona, considering that is a wild turtle. You can feed it fruits, earthworms (make sure they were not in manuare) and some meat. Check the site to make sure. I wouldn\'t keep it in a box beacuase it needs water to live. If you have a rubbermaid box that would be great, just put a huge rock on one side, and water on the other side. This should be a ok place for your turtle for now! Good luck with your turtle!
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