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Hi, I just got a new turtle but I don\'t know what species it is.

It\'s aquatic and resembles a red eared slider but it doesn\'t have the red marks on the side. Its nose is rather pointy unlike a red eared and it\'s tail is very long, about 3 or 4 cm which is unlike the red eared. It has yellow stripes. The pattern on the shell is very different from my other red eared - it\'s a much darker shade of green and has greenish yellow areas on the ridges of its shell. There is a long ridge running down the centre of the shell. The shell is also more oval than the normal red-eared. Could it be yellow bellied? I thought so, but the tail is really too long, and the pointy nose looks weird. I\'m really confused.

I\'ve another question. This sounds strange but my turtles sometimes stick their heads into the rears of the other turtles like dogs, and this action is not welcomed by the offended party - the offended turtle swims away quickly and looks irritated. Is this normal? What\'s going on?
Thanks for the help!
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