stepped on a small res today

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Hello, today I walked out my front door and stepped on a very small res turtle, I did not squish him but he is very unresponsive now. I have a small pond in my entry way to my house and I guess he wanted to get to water. I have not owned a turtle before and have become somewhat attached to the little guy and would like to help him out.
Moves back legs ok.
No breaks in shell.
No blood.
sometimes he opens his mouth.
Eyes closed.

I feel really bad for not watching were I was going, but never thought a turtle would end up at my front door.
Any help would be great.

Thanks for a wonderful site.
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wellp... :) I\'m not an expert by any means... But if you\'re planning on keeping the little guy, I\'d suggest reading over the care sheets at the top of this page. They\'re really very informative, and have done my baby res a world of good. (she\'s currently waving her little arms at me, begging for food)

What kind of tempurature is it outside where you live? How big is the turtle? The things that worry me are that it\'s eyes are always closed and you\'ve said he seems a little unresponsive. Part of that may just be that it\'s too cold outside for the little guy, and he\'s hibernating? Or he might have some sort of pneumonia (Associated w/ swollen eyes) Check the first aid section here to see if you can figure anything out :)

I\'d say get a tank set up for him, and get the correct tempuratures fixed up, and see if he improves. If you notice any other symptoms, or notice him getting worse, then definately ask again, or better yet, take him to a vet. Sometimes it just takes turtles a little bit of time to get used to their new environment.

Hope this helps some......
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