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I have a baby RES about 7-9 months old (I don\'t exactly know how old) I use to have him in a 10 gallon tank, cuz thats wut the person at the pet store told me to get, but after reading reviews on this web site, I realized that 10 gallons was not enough. I didn\'t have enough money to buy a huge tank, so I went with the economical way, I bought a 42 gallon Rubbermaid Conatiner, I hope this is big enough( I want my Turtle to be happy) , my only worry is that my submersible heater is only 100 watts, I am planning to fill the water about half full. I would just like to know if 100 watt heater is enough to warm about 20-25 gallons of water?..Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
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