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Post any questions you have about a turtle outdoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your outdoor setup picture we would love to see it.

I am getting a new house soon, and one of the things I have wanted to do for years is build a pond for my 3 sliders. I\'ve been looking up information and there isn\'t really any details on how to actually build the pond.

Basically, I do know I need a liner. I\'ve heard Tetrapond liner is the best and the cheapest is at around 80$ for 9 feet x 9 feet or something like that. My pond isn\'t going to be gigantic, but it will be something nice, so I know that the 80$ liner is enough. I know that I need a filter, so I will be getting the 100$ Pondmaster filter with fountain. I want to add a waterfall in also, so how would I go about doing that?

I know I need a shaded area, a basking area and an area where it\'s completely dry (should I use reptile sand?). I\'ll be moving them into the house for the winter also. I\'ll be putting up chicken wire also with a wood border.

So basically, I need to dig into the dirt in the layout I want, lay down the liner, then fill with water? There has to be more than that.

How do I secure the liner? And how do I measure it to fit my shape?

Is there any good books that I could look into for this??

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I don\'t have any answers for you, but there is some good info on this site:

There are pics for ideas, and there are a few links to pond help sites.

Good Luck
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I am actually going to be building a pond for turtles next week. I already have a Koi pond and I plan on putting the new one next to it, separate of course.

Another alternative might be one of those pre-formed plastic ponds. I recently saw a picture of one in another forum and it looked great. It had everything you mentioned. Otherwise the liner version will work too.

After digging the hole, place your liner down and slowly begin filling it with water. You should work out any wrinkles while it filling up. Use rocks or some other heavy material to secure the liner and then trim it down when you feel it\'s right.

As for measurement...a 9x9 liner would work out to be a 2 foot deep pond that\'s about 4.5x4.5. That would leave 6 inches of overlap on each edge.

Hope this helps.
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