Is my turtle Blind?!

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How can I tell if my turtle has become blind?
He doesn\'t repond to things the way he used to only a couple of months ago.
He is too stressed out to eat and he doesn\'t swim or run as often.
How can I tell if he can even see the food or his surroundings?
Please, I need some reponses this time.:(
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Let\'s start with some questions so the rest of us on the board can get a better picture, to better help you.
How old is he? What kind of setup do you have? What are your temps? Do you have places for him to hide? Bask? What are you feeding him? How often are you doing water changes? Do you have just one turtle or more, and if you have more than one are the others having any problems?
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I\'m not definately sure, but if you haven\'t feed him for a while, and you wave food at him, it either is extremely stressed out due to other factors..or is probably is blind.
Are the eyes open? Are there any other signs like puffy or swollen eyes? Do the eyes look normal? you find antying different about your turtle regarding the way it moves?

His eyes aren\'t swollen, and they are open when he does decided to do a bit of swimming.
He currently lives alone in a twenty gallon tank.
He is at least over 4 years old because that is when I adopted him and he was living in a pond in my back yard.
He used to live in the pond and then a tank when I moved into the city with another turtle. Once agin she is adopted and has always been bigger and more agressive than he. I have recently seprated them and given him his own tank.
She was picking on him ad stressing him out by biting his extremities and his shell.
I feed both of them fish, pellets and various meats.
There is only a flourecent light in the tenk but the tank is under a window so lots of sunlight gets in.
He has a place to bask and I change the water every two weeks.

My other turtle is in excellent health. She snaps and hisses and runs and will nearly bite your fingers off when feeding her shrimp and stuff.
Anyone want her ;).
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