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I already have one pond turtle. I have searched all over the internet and I have yet to find a picture similar to the one I have. I am almost 100 percent certian that my pond turtle is a male. It has its own pond about 1 1/2 feet deep and 5 feet in diameter. I just recently was given another turtle because the previous owner did not have a sufficient environment for it. I placed the two turtles in the pond together and they seemed to want to be aggressive with oneanother so I separated them immediately. I am not sure if this is a natural instinct for turtles of the same sex to fight or whether or not it is a territorial issue. Is there any way that I can slowly introduce them to oneanother so that they can live in the same pond together? Or, will I have to create another pond?
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Sorry I have no idea, but I am extremely interested about your pond. Do you have pics you could post? Where do you live? Are you planning on them hibernating? Congrats, I know that takes a lot of work!
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