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Hi all,
I currently have 2 aquatic turtles, one razorback musk, and the other red eared slider. They are each around 8 years old and have been living in separate tanks since they have been 3. Both of their tanks have recently started to crack, and I want to get them a new tank, but do not really have the budget for it. I have a found a plastic bin that may be fine with decor and lighting, but don't know if plastic is poisonous to them. I plan on buying 2 separate tanks, but do not know if: The Plastic is poisonous, or if they will be able to adapt to a more opaque tank as they have been living in a glass tank for multiple years.
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Above is the link to the plastic tank

Edit: Sorry if my english is not the best, it is my second language
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Plastic storage bins or plastic tubs make a good turtle tanks.
I am not an expert on plastic toxicity but usually those bins and tubs are made of animal safe material such as PP or LDPE and many people use them as glass tank alternative for turtles. Having said that, I am sure there are many opinions and concerns when it comes to plastics.

Only drawback is that some of those bins are not strong enough to hold large amount of water. Some fragile ones will bow out from pressure of water when it is filled over half.
I don’t have personal experience with that 50 gallon clear storage bin you posted link to but probably it is not a good idea to fill all the way up. It is safe to fill only up to 30-35 gallons.

Another thing that might be worth considering is plastic stock tanks. Usually those are made of black LEPE so you cannot see from side but it is much more durable than storage bins.
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