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Hi - I am new to this forum and am also a new turtle mom. I got 2 African Sidenecks about 2 weeks ago. They have historically lived together and often bask while stacking or hugging each other. Both were initially doing well, but one of them has fallen ill. Here are the symptoms:

- in water, regularly rolling to back and not able to flip back over
- listing in water - side-to-side
- swelling of body
- lethargic
- not eating
- basking a lot
- no bowel movements
- not initially, but later developed a couple of tiny pin-prick red spots on bottom of both legs - currently 4 spots in total

I was suspecting pneumonia or an RI, given the rolling to back and not being able to right himself. I did take him to a reptile vet. Here is what they have me doing:

- quarantine from other turtle
- dry dock - sitting on very moist washcloth With heat lamp and UV
- achieve 90 degree heat
- daily injections of 8ml of lactated ringer’s solution to keep hydrated and flush kidneys and liver (unless he is swelling up too much, then skip a day or so)
- every 3 days, injection of antibiotics
- 3-4x/day I place him in a very shallow temperature appropriate bath to give him a chance to go potty and this is when I offer food - he hasn’t taken any
- humidifier setup next to his isolation habitat

I feel like his swelling (edema) has gone down a little, but he is still swollen. He hasn’t improved otherwise. The vet said it could take from a few weeks or up to a month for him to get better. But, she also mentioned that there is a chance this could be a liver or kidney problem.

I am hopeful that he will make a full recovery, but I am new to turtles. Has anyone had a similar experience? Based on his symptoms, do I need to be more concerned? I am worried about septicemia, but his red spots are pin-pricks, not sores like I’ve seen in other turtles with that condition. Photos attached.

Thanks for any advice!
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