Problem in carapace?

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HI everyone,

My name is Laura. This is my first message in this forum. I have a red ear slider. He's (i'm not sure yet if it's a male or a female) 1 year and 9 month.

Some days ago I saw white scars on the vertebral scute. I thought it was a scratch but now the white zone has grown. Nowadays, I don't know if it was a scratch or not initially, but I think there's something wrong with his shell and I'm worried :( The shell is less colour, as it has a white patina. He's usually brighter (last photo)

I share with you some photos so you can see and understand what I mean (a bit blurred, sorry, he doesn't sit still) and ask you what do you think it could be and what can I do.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.
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Congrats on your first post!
It is always better to have more active users on this forum.
If I am seeing it right, your turtle has not shed old scutes yet?
Sometimes scutes that are almost ready to be shed might look more dull and less vivid.

Does he/she have access to proper heat/light source to bask in his/her enclosure?
What kind of setup do you have?
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