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At first I was skeptical, but I found, like, three of them.

Emptying the old tank (before I became foster parent) I found what surely must be eggs. About one inch long - and well, in every other way exactly like eggs.

Do turtles just spontaneously lay eggs - like chickens?

I guess the issue of sexing this turtle is pretty much fait acclompli.
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Turtles lay eggs in a sandy area around this time of the year. Most of turtle species dig up earth and create egg chambers to deposit numbers of eggs in it.
If a female turtle was kept in a tank without access to suitable egg laying area, she would give up laying eggs and try to either eject them or absorb them if eggs were not really developed much.
If this doesn’t happen, she can get “Egg bound”, also called egg impaction, and can be fatal if not treated by a vet.

Just like chickens, turtles will have underutilized eggs but amazing thing about turtles is that they can keep sperms viable inside female body for years(even from multiple baby daddies too!) until she decides it is the time, making Turtle Maury Show really complicated :lol:
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