Is my turtle fat?

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The other day I noticed some flabbiness protruding from the shell cavity in front of his hind legs. I had not noticed that before.
I thought the skin stays inside. It looks like a roll of skin about as big and round as my pinkie.

Winston has an 8" carapace.

Can they eat too much and grow too fast?

How do I know what a healthy turtle looks like?

Doing a bit of research. Looks like turtles can get obese. He can retract his feet into his shell so far.

Looks like we need to cut back on the pellets and give him some live food to chase. And a bigger tank.
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Turtles will always eat too much and get fat if you allow them to eat too much.
Turtles will always beg for food, and once they are fed, they will beg for more.
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