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Hi y'all, new account to the forum, but have been a long time visitor for knowledge about proper turtle care and suggestions. I currently have a North American musk turtle. Found the little guy when he was about the size of a quarter in my driveway when I was still in high school. 12 years later he's fairly happy and healthy and from what I can gather fairly close to full grown(I was young and unaware that they were endangered, heck I didn't even know what type of turtle he was until about 2 years after I found him). About a year ago I took in my buddies res(separate enclosures), because he was growing much larger than my friend had anticipated (typical/almost too big for me personally) yet he finally has the water, light and heat requirements he DESERVES. I feed them both repto min floating sticks, and flunkers buffet blend for aquatic turtles every other day, or sometimes 3 days. Occasionally giving them a treat of frozen blood worms, strawberries, romain lettuce, or some cooked (but not seasoned) chicken/turkey. I'd like to think I'm a good turtle dad.

My question/ problem lies here. Recently my younger siblings had a beta fish that passed away, and they gave me all this fish food thinking I could use it. I took the freeze dried blood and melee worm and made a mixture and put them in an ice cube tray with a little water to make an ice cube treat that I thought my turtles would like on occasion. And I was right! But due to the stupid high crude protein content it was to be just that, a treat. However my stink pot has refused to eat anything else, while my res will continue to devour anything put in front of him. I'm worried because it's been almost 2 weeks since my Wally has had a full decent meal, even though the food is in front of his face. He's never behaved like this after getting a treat, not even live food; and from what I can gather I've had him almost since he hatched. He won't touch pellets, fruits or veggies. And when I feed him the flunkers buffet he singles out the melee worms and dried shrimp, leaving the pellets to bloat. He ignores anything else, including the reptomin diet and even my finger!(I've tried to coax him with it) I assumed that he'd get hungry and that would take precedence over his stubbornness yet nothing, but I am beginning to get nervous. Is there anything I can do to try and get him on a steady diet again?!?!?!
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I'm not a fan of "flaked" fish food for turtle's , not even as a treat but most eat just about anything even their own #2.
Something has or is changing. Don't panic and slow down observe much more closely. You know how we/people get looking for car keys that's clearly in front of them. Observe , there are more symptoms to be seen. You are a giant and feel things differently than to the relative size of a turtle. Look at this through the turtle eyes. Most refusal to eating is due to stress or illness. Temps have a lot to do with this. When was the last time you calibrated your thermomoter. Can you calibrate it at all. Is it accurate. Turtle needs change throughout it’s life. That one or two degree off means a lot to a turtle. Your turtle is not a baby anymore and consistent temps are still very important. Water heaters get old and do what they want and when. How often is water temp checked day and night. Temps help a turtle metabolize what it eats. Any imbalance and this would happen. Also recheck basking temp's ! Yes with your turtle a long time but have you adjust it’s requirements as it grew. They are hardy but the day comes to were the turtle says enough.
Also turtles test everything with it’s mouth. Check everything very well could have eaten something and have a blockage. Any links to a photo of the turtle and setup you can post. May see something you don’t. Extra eye’s never hurt.
Recheck everything air , water temps as well as humidity level’s needed . A new draft in it’s home matters and wont eat.
What’s the expiration date on it’s food. Reputable company’s will have one.
The problem of thiaminase is well known in the professional field of animal nutrition. Do you read any SDS’s .
Even adult turtles are like young kids on what they like. Taste do change. Must keep offering creative foods that is safe for a turtle.

Most common cause of digestive and feeding problem in turtles are intestinal parasites. Bring a sample to a vet for a test , most only charge $35. This needs to be done within four hours and placed in a jar of water then stored in refrigerator until time of office visit. Sometimes one may see them dead in a tank but that’s by the adult stage for them. They start out microscopic so most don’t even know they have them until a turtle passes them. Is your turtle still passing feces ?
So you see can be lots of things more than the few I mentioned. There’s more info in the setup and with turtle. Observe through the turtles eye’s , not as a human , may see something clearer. Lots of things turn out to be very simple. Know you been with a turtle for a little while and know. Just a friendly reminder from one long timer to another. As a human we sometimes look at thing's as related to us and not the relative size of the turtle or it’s requirements in the stage of life it’s in. Turtles hide things well even to a Herp Vet so observe well for the cause. A captive turtle can not go as long a a wild turtle without eating. Hope you observe something and or see a vet that treats turtles before other issues come up that will complicate this more. Sure some time already passed but I would see a turtle vet , don’t wait too long or the turtle pay’s the price.
Must ask because many people from around the world read this too that don't want to post issues. Hoping to find a magical pill or just a quick answer they want/willing to hear. Sure it's 100% male. Many go for years and just want that to be and turns out to be female. Then the list of causes get a lot bigger.
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