long necked turtle with a swollen front paw

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Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:32 am

i have a long necked turtle 9 adult) which has a front paw which has swelled up.

Can anyone please advise how he got it and if i CAN FIX HIS PROBLEM?


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Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:06 am

How long this has been going on ? What ever the time been that's time lost for proper treatment ! This is not common. Most cases of this turns out very bad. See a Herp Vet now or at least a vet that knows turtles ! Swelling is normally from infection and once in blood stream , fatal in most all cases. Don't wait to see if it gets better , it will get worst and the turtle pays the price. Vet "Now" !

Could be from anything. Need to find the "cause" so you can prevent ! Swelling/abscess is painful for turtles . Is he/she shedding skin ? That's itchy to a turtle may of bit at it and damaged skin. Will your turtle let you stretch it’s leg out to inspect well ? Does he bit at the leg anytime ? Any other turtles with him? Sexually mature turtles will fight especially in small tanks. The way turtle’s use claws/legs to investigate things could have hurt it. Any shell issues that could of damages the skin around the leg ? Checked between toes/claws for injury? Any blood ? Swollen a little or like a balloon ready to pop , skin tight ? Some males bit aggressively at themselves … especially at nigh when lights are out. Females do too but not as much. Issues with diet can cause this too. You see can be anything but must find the cause !

I would see a Herp Vet , would be best ! Or an exotic pet vet that treats turtles. At minimum a regular vet that "has" treated turtles before. Will get or is already infected and is painful for your turtle. He/she can lance it and drain then clean it well. This is to prevent any infection from getting into blood stream and a more serious problems. He/she then can test it to see "exact" cause ! Must find the cause , easier to treat the cause than trying to treat the effect you see !
You can not fix this at home even if you have an animal science degree, a Herp Vet "yes" , but you can correct what caused this !
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