Transferring yellow bellied slider to new Home.

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I have had a yellow bellied slider turtle for about four years. She is quite large about 11 inches long. She lives in a 4 foot aquarium situated by the window. I have to give her to another person who will take care ever properly. However they live in a house that has well water. My turtle is used to regular tap water.

Could the difference in water be a big problem? Also when I transfer the turtle to the other location. I plan to do it fairly quickly however the turtle will have to end your being in a pail for the drive over.

Can anyone give me any advice or tips on this transition or about the water quality and changing owner? Thank you Linsay
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I am just seeing this, so your turtle may have already been transferred, but in case it hasn't:

The pail of water will probably slosh around in the car and your turtle may get injured, use a tub with some holes in it instead. You can put some paper towel or pet bedding at the bottom for padding.

The water quality of the well water shouldn't be a problem, in fact, it may be better as it contains less chlorine and many not need as much water conditioner. However, certain areas have more minerals than others, and in fish this can be detrimental. However, turtles are pretty hardy so water chemistry didn't too much of an issue.

Hope this helps!

- Thistle
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