red ear turtle has eye proble

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Rambo (we call him that because we bought him at a flea market type place and he never runs from us like the other two) We have had him over a month and today I noticed one of his eyes is all cloudy and he keeps it closing it.
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I would recommend getting that checked out right away. It could be a sign of an infection or a vitamin deficiency. Check out this link
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Is Rambo with swollen eyes?

my baby RES had swollen eyes for a month and she cant open her eyes at all, she wanted to i was sure cuz she always rub her eyes.

some guy at a petstore told me its cuz she\'s not getting enough heat, not necessarily a vitamin A deficiency, and sure enought in a week or two of a warmer environment (always put her under the lamp and she\'s so blind she cant run around anywayz), her eyes opened slowly and shes back to normal again.

so maybe u want to try that for Rambo

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