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Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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One of my 2 RESes has a soft shell! I\'ve read a bit on what causes it and what to do, but I\'m really worried and would appreciate any advice. I would also really appreciate any helpful info on the causes, prevention, and cure of soft shells.

Thanks a bunch!

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UVB light is to mimic sunlight. It is needed to maintain your turtle\'s appetite and keep your turtle\'s shell strong and hard (since the natural sunlight has vitamin D3 that helps the bones). So UVB lighting is definitely needed to help your turtle stay healthy. Also, turtles\' shells (except for softshell turtles) go soft with the lack of sunlight, vitamin D3, and calcium. So if you provide UVB lighting it will help their soft harden and you can also supplement their diet with calcium to further fortify their shell.

Also, UVB lighting gets filtered out by glass and plastic, so when you get UVB lighting make sure that it is not separated by glass/plastic. You can place the UVB lighting on the tank, with a mesh wire top to cover the tank; that way the UVB rays won\'t be filtered out

If you under this link (that deesygirl posted), and look under \"5) Shell diseases\", it can further explain why softness in hard shell turtles occur.

if you read this site it will tell you more about taking care of turtles\' housing: ... etcare.php

Also, visit ... 2632.shtml

and look under \"Specific care information\"

I believe that UVA light is for basking purposes. It is warm light that heats up the tank and basking area so that your turtle may bask under the light (as they do often in the wild under the sun).

I hope your turtles\' shells are getting better!
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