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General Rules

1. Bad language is absolutely prohibited.
2. No personal attacks or rude behavior.
3. No harassment of any kind.
4. No negative responses about other websites, businesses, or reptile dealers.
5. Collection of anyone's personal information is not permitted here.

Technical Rules

1. No spamming.
2. No posting of illegal stuff. (pictures, text, etc.)
3. No adult rated material. (pictures, text, links, etc.)

- Be courteous and kind to one another!
- Advice given by All Turtles and it's posters is of our/their opinion and what we thought was best. We recommend to learn from many sources and make a wise decision of the care of your pet.

[b]All Turtles has the right to delete any unapproved content!

All Turtles has the right to ban anyone who does not abide by these message board rule at any given time![/b]

Please contact us ([email protected]) or the moderators if you are having any problems with this message board. We will try our best to get to each problem in a timely manner.

Do you have any suggestions to add to these rules? Please contact me ([email protected]) and let me know!
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