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Two weeks ago I became the proud owner of a red-eared slider. He was only eight weeks old when I got him. I have noticed over the last few days that his neck and head region is covered with what looks like skin flaking off. Is this normal? I can\'t remove it because every time I go near him he retreats into his shell.
Also- what is the normal behaviour of a slider this age? My turtle is very easily frightened when he is at the surface or during the rare occasions he ventures onto land. I had the grand notion of reducing waste in the tank by feeding him in a separate container, but on the few occasions I\'ve taken him from his tank he\'s been panicky and not shown any interest in food. Is there any way I can help him calm down?

I\'d be really grateful for any advice/experiences people can share with me.
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Congrats and welcome.
Give him a chance to get used to his enviroment as well as his \"people\". I keep my large tank in the living room. My RES are terrrible beggars. They love people and will beg for food and attention. However, Reeb\'s tank is in a quieter part of the house. He is still very small. He is getting used to us slowly. It just takes time.
I know that some people feed in a seperate tank. I never have. I probably would not have to water change so often, however they get small portions 3 times a day so it really does not seem to be a problem. On this subject it seems to be what ever works best for you would be the thing to do. By handeling your RES it may get used to you faster. Also, it may not be to interested in eating for a while. I tempt my babies with smelly protien foods when they are young. Lean precooked chicken and freash fish seem to work best for me.
Good luck
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