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Hi. i still need help.. she\'s still sick i noticed my turtle had a patch of soft shell above her tail yesterday. and i think she\'s getting worse rather then better. i dont know if it\'s just because i saw a picture of a turtle with a serious case or soft shell last night who had lost all of it colour or if it\'s because i\'m really worried about her but i think that she\'s starting to loose her colour now too.. is there anything else i can do for kiwi? i have a cuttle bone, calcium block, a light, i feed her her pellets, shrimp, lettus, tuna, carrots, and all that good stuff.. and i check her shell weekly like an all over check when i clean her tank and this just appeared this past week. I did notice that her calcium block was gone though.. i\'m not sure if it just finished desolving or if i didnt even put one in the past week absent mindedly! well i hope someone can help me out! please respond if you have had the same thing happen or if you know what to do! thank you for your time
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