Need someone to adopt MY turtle

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We have a mature red eared slider named Ellie.
There is nothing wrong with her, but we are deciding to reduce the number of turtles we have. right now we have three and we are looking to find someone to adopt her.

actually, we might be looking for a new home for another too (a 3+ year old yellow bellied slider) named Tyler (a girl too).
Tyler is HUGE, probably 10-11 inches in length and very fat and he keeps breaking our heaters.
he is just becomming too much for us to handle.
any suggestions on where we could be looking?
we live near Boston MA.

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I just came across a site yesterday that will foster your turtles until they can find an adequate home for them to be adopted into. The organization is called turtle homes, and the site for the US is:

From what I read, they will not take it if it is shipped until it gets a little warmer, and you need to pay shipping for the turtles to get there, as well as the amount it will cost to ship to someone who will adopt.

The site states that larger female sliders will only be adopted out to people who have adequate space for them, and if possible will be placed in homes where there is an outdoor, enclosed pond.

Good Luck!!
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I don\'t mean to be rude but how could you have a turtle for that long then just decide to give it up. You knew full well that they were going to grow up and be big when they got older but i guess we don\'t all get attached to our animals and love them like i do and most of the people on this website do.
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Hey I live in Hampton Falls NH maybe 45 min from you and I already have one and would enjoy another. Let me know. Are you selling or giving away.
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