Turtle isn\'t eatting for weeks!!!

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i really really need help my res hasn\'t eatten for weeks now and she is moving fine and everything big and healthy. what do i do?
is this some kind of seaonal thing????????

my other turt has a crached edge of her shell and is eatting lettice. she is just a river turt black w/yellow stripes. will the shell just grow back or is there some kind of calcium rub or something i should be doing??????

plz, my animals are my life, i have my two turtles and a puppy and i would be lost with out them.

thank you, summer
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Hi, the loss of appitite could be 1 of many things. Check the temp in the tank. Is it 75-80 degrees? This is the best temp to keep the tank at. Did you switch the food you were giving him/her. Is this a new turtle, or did you recently get a new tank mate for him/her?
As for the scratched shell, polysporin would be good. Just gently rub it in and let it dry, it will be fine.:)
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Hi There,
Temp could definatly be your problem. Also make sure that your basking area is warmer than your water by 4 or 5 degrees.
However, don\'t give your turts lettuce unless it is romaine. Lettuce does not have enough nutrients. Try some cooked chopped lean chicken, carrots or pellets designed for Turts. There are many other options but these are the easiest. Mine love fish. Just make sure it is freash and has never been frozen. They also like worms and feeder fish. Good luck.

i\'ll check the tank temp. i\'ve had a new turt with her for a while but she always ate even with the other turt she just recently stoped.
i\'ve had her for about 1 1/2 now.
i give the lil new turt green leaf, is that ok?
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