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Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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Hey, well, im not newbie to chelonians, just the message board. im a great fan of not only chelonians but other reptiles an amphibians. I currently have 2 spiney softshells, young ones, one is a yearling and the other appears to be at least 2. i know alot about turtles(especially aquatics) i live in michigan so aquatic heaven. i also live on a lake, its great, it has the largest painters ive ever seen! tell me im crazy but whats the largest on record cause i swear i caught a 14 in from bottom carapace to top. im positive he was a eastern painter, the top of his shell was faded, but the bottom rim scales showed the dots. well ill keep in touch as much as possible, goodbye!
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