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Debi S.
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Goodmorning all !!
First -- great site.
I just found you guys.
We have two RES.
Sassy and Teddy. Really not sure about the sex but the kids named them :-)
They finally outgrew their tank so we got them a 20 gal L. I uesed the Viquarium -- great !!
But I was wanting to add other animals. Any suggestions ? On another site someone mentioned crwafish but reading here I saw someone say the RES eats them.
If anyone knows what can live with them please let me know.

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Unfortunately, turtles eat anything that they find appetizing. Other turtles, some species, can learn to live together, but other fish, it's almost impossible
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What I have found is that since I have moved my turtles from the 30G tank to the 60G tank that my turtles can't catch the fish anymore. Normally I will throw in 13 fish and they will eat over half the first 24h. But since they are in a larger tank they haven't been able to catch one. Have to catch one and knock it out first. I am sure that if they went back to the smaller tank they would start eating them again.

In any case... you can put certain things in the tank that they would normaly eat. As long as they are fast moving and are in a big enough tank.
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